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One day trip to the Russian island

Day trip to the Russian island.
Russian island is the biggest island close to Vladivostok city. Previously it was closed for visiting. There was situated russian military forces, but now everyone is free to go there. Especially now, when there is going to take place Asian Pasific Forum in 2012.

There is some information about it:
Russky Island (Russian: о́стров Ру́сский, lit. Russian island) is a Russian island off Vladivostok, in the Peter the Great Gulf, Sea of Japan. It is located about 9,334 kilometres east of Moscow. The Eastern Bosphorus separates the island from the Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula.

By 1889, Russky Island formed part of the defences of the fortress city of Vladivostok. Over several years, the initial temporary wooden structures were replaced by stone and the island contained the Fort of Pospelov, as a part of the plans of Colonel K. I. Velichko.

In 1992, four soldiers serving in the island's isolated garrison starved to death and dozens of others were taken to hospital suffering from starvation. Their commanders had failed for months to send them anything to eat and the matter became a national scandal [1].

The British daily newspaper, The Guardian reported on January 31, 2007 that President Vladimir Putin was developing plans to develop the island as a large scale tourist resort. The plan was reported as a response to growing Chinese economic power in the region and the fear of possible Chinese economic hegemony.

President Dmitry Medvedev signed on September 3, 2008 an order for building of a bridge from Russky to Vladivostok, which is to become the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world by its span at 1104 m. About $6 billion is reserved on the development of the island and Vladivostok by 2012 APEC summit which is held on Russky

Ok. I think it is enough :)

So the trip started early in the morning.
We went to the Russian island by ferry. It wasn't the first ferry cause it departures from Vladivostok at 6 a.m. So we took the second at 8.20.
Next several photos has been made close to place from where Vladivostok ferries departure.

This is the church - just russian church :)


This is very famous submarine C-52. All foreign visitors come to see it.


Vladivostok is a very beautiful city but sometimes you can see such pictures


These are what you see during your trip on ferry from Vladivostok to Russian island



This is my friend Maxim. There is Alena somewhere near him






This is the island of St.Elena

And the Russian island.
It was a very long way. I think we walked about 30 km per day totally. Some of us at the end of day were exhausted. :)



And finally we reached the island of Shkota. This island is almost island because you can walk to it from the russian island by the spit. This time water came up only till our kneel but sometimes it reach man chest.
so when we came to this island i mentioned to my friend that when i was a child i useed to spend summer vacation on the farest side of this island. And after five minutes we decided to go there:) it was funny because i haven't been there more than 10 years and it was difficult for my to find a right trail in the forest. But fortunetly after an hour walk we reached that side. It is very calm place (no people at all) and clear. And we had there half an hour to rest and have lunch.




And this is ALENA :)


And at the end - the map of these islands.

Tnks for ur reading.
See you soon

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